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  • Features of a Website Makeover

    The Services you will need for your new Web Site  Creating a successful, cost-effective online presence is key to all organizations. The process of building a website requires a lot of time, planning, thought, a clear understanding of the objectives and the audience that will be using the website. This attention to detail should be maintained throughout the life of a site to ensure that your presence remains fresh and relevant. The fundamentals of developing and maintaining a successful online presence include Planning – Comprehensive planning is important to the success of any website project. Understanding the needs of the different audiences that are being served, setting goals, and anticipating future growth are all essential. Ease of Navigation – Clear, well-thought-out navigation creates a highly usable site. It is the single best opportunity to create a good impression with your audience and keep users on your site. Aesthet

  • Too Hip For The Room  Web Development and Content Management for your business

    A CMS or a ‘Content Management System’ quite literally allows you to control and manage the content on your website – without technical training. Using this uncomplicated system you can very easily add, delete images and edit text in your website on the fly. Website Technologies PHP WordPress Joomla Drupa eCommerce Shopping Cart Google/Amazon/Yahoo PayPal Mobile Apps iPhone/Android Apps Social Media Marketing Facebook Marketing Twitter Youtube SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Internet Marketing Digital Marketing Learn More about Web Development and Content Management From Too Hip For The Room [

  • Brush Fire – Country Music

    In the 1980’s I spent a few years playing country music. Here are some old demos and la live show   In the 80-90’s I played in a cattle car full of Country Western Bands. Not like the modern Country music you hear on the radio today. We did a lot of Outlaw and Old Thymy country. I must have played every C&W joint in Mass and NH. The old Nashville North in Laconia to the Blue Star in Saugus with all kinds of acts. Mac Macniel and Soultown Country, Dianne Lincon, Liz Bordo, Rick Plant, Hal Eddy just to name a few. I took the house Bass Player chair from Bobby Sargent at the Meadow Lounge in Chelmsford MA when he left int he late 80’s. Here are a few tracks from a smokin 3 piece I played with called “Brushfire”

  • “Ragtime” Jack Radcliffe and the New Viper Review

    I met Jack Radcliffe in 1978 in Callis ME. I can not begin to tell how crazy a time that was! I knew Jack for about a week before he asked me to be best man at his wedding. You can find Jack at Wepecket Island Records We did this at MT Philo VT in 1979. Jack has been performing for more than 30 years. He is a master of traditional country blues and ragtime & stride piano, and a powerful singer/songwriter, as well as songs from the “Great American songbook.” He also accompanies himself on the guitar and fiddle.Jack’s performances always include a lot of uplifting wit, historical anecdotes and connections with local lore, wherever he performs. His background in journalism amplifies a lifelong quest for the cultural framework of his music and the places he performs. Jack was inducted into the Old-Time Music Association Hall of Fame in 2014.He was a fixture on the coffeehouse circuit in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. His band ‘The New Viper Revue’ pushed the genre envelopes of blues, folk, country, rock ‘n’ roll and jazz from 1972 -1976. Jack resumed his solo career in 1977, then teamed up with reed player Al Oliveira in 1983.He retired from the music business, except for occasional local engagements, in 1987 to raise his sons and work as a newspaper editor. Now he’s back to his music fulltime, directing Wepecket Island Records, performing and recording his own music, producing other artists’ recordings and touring nationally.

  • Benefit 2019 at Halligan’s Bar Auburn MA

    What an afternoon. Lots of Family and Friends came out to support yours truly  I am overwhelmed at the outpouring of support yesterday.I am grateful for each and everybody one that came out yesterday.I want to thank Tony Parente and the Tony Soul Project for putting together yesterdays benefit. A 17 piece band is a welcome back I will never forget.The new equipment will be a huge relief to my back. I want to thank Henry D James for his great taste in equipment and holding down and making the Bass chair better. The Worcester crew! What can I say but WOW, you are some of the best friends and fans I have ever had the pleasure to perform with and for! Saw some great friends and made a few more I am in better health now than before the “incident” … still a bit fragile but standing and getting stronger every day. It is great to be back and hope to see all of you at a Tony Soul Project gig real soon. Feeling loved, grateful and overwhelmed! Special thanks to Riff Raff Jim ProvencherGovernment Surplus Derek VarnumMighty King Snakes Charlie ScottTony Soul Mega Band (all are invited to play)Brett Brumby tones,   Thanks, Richard Paul Hoyer for the great Photos Very Special thank to Haligans Bar for hosting this event          

  • This is the best written article I have read on Cannabis

    The Next Web: THC cartridges linked to multiple deaths: Here’s how to vape loose-leaf instead. m/insights/2019/09/11/thc-cartridges-linked-to-multiple-deaths-heres-how-to-vape-loose-leaf-instead/

  • Great July Busy August

    July was a busy month. Some great jams at Brodies in Salem with Danny Mack and some of the North Shores’s best talent. If you get a chance, check it out. I am there most Saturdays from 4 pm to 7 pm.  Spent a great weekend at the cape with family capped off with a great gig with the Tony Soul Project  August looks like a busy month with a full Saturday at Broodies with Danny Mac and Tony Soul. I will be at some old favorites this month also. B-Mans in Sterling and the Simple Man in Clinton  Hope to see you out and about as summer ramps up!  

  • My Buddy Bill Copeland Knows What’s Going On

    My Buddy Bill Copeland Knows What’s Going On Bill Copeland has been following New England Music for over a decade. Bill has a great line up of events to get the summer rolling, hand picked for you.   June will arrive with temperatures rising. The weather is already stating to get hot, and so is the New England music scene. Compiled below for your perusal is a list of several hot New England bands and singer-songwriters playing out this month in the hottest venues. Enjoy Father’s Day, graduations, and weddings(unless, of course, you happened to be divorced) You’ll have time for movies like The Avengers: Endgame and Shazam. See you at a show sometime soon. June Buzz column; it’s getting hot in New England music scene this month

  • May 3 Brodies Seaport Salem MA with the Tony Soul Project

    Matt Sambito Birthday Bash at Brodies Seaport Salem Ma. Come join me and the Tony Soul Project at Brodies Salem MA to celebrate my 61st time around the Sun. If you can’t make this on there are several chances to see us Brodies