Tony Soul Project As Live As It Gets

Matt Sambitois was a Member of The Tony Soul Project from 2013 – 2019 

The TONY SOUL PROJECT is a hard-driving dance band “from the Delta to Soul to Rock & Roll”

They have become a North Shore Favorite at  Broodies Seaport in Salem.

What is the Tony Soul Project? It is a unique blend of stylistic musicians from diverse backgrounds from the Worcester Massachusetts and Central Mass area, melded together to provide Soul Music, yes Soul Music. It is a well-tuned dance band. Perhaps the best you will ever see.

The Tony Soul Project plays dance music covering rock & roll, soul music (Motown), and blues. We love James Brown, Led Zeppelin, Sly, all the old blues greats but mix in music from all over. Our setlist is like nothing you have ever seen and guaranteed to get people dancing.

The Tony Soul Project has enough material to cover a full evening of music no matter how long the desired performance time is. The Tony Soul Project was born at the Acton Jazz Cafe and the jam sessions of Fran Dagostino. It was there that the current members of the Project met and found a friendly working relationship with one another for the common good of the music.

We are professional and demand a “no ego” band approach. In the 4 plus years, we have been together we have played over 30 clubs and venues in Central and Eastern Massachusetts. Every show is a hit and the prime directive, “fun for the fans” is always achieved, the top priority for the Tony Soul Project. The first thing your patrons will want to know is when we will be back.