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Why Local SEO matters to your Band

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I’m a musician. You can often see me playing with the Tony Soul Project on the North Shore and Central Massachusettes. One of my favorite places to play in Salem MA is Brodies Seaport.

As we say in the business “More butts in the seats, everybody is happy”

Before the internet fan engagement meant a ton of postcards, hand-drawn posters, letting the drummer’s cousin put together a press kit, and miles and miles of leg work. Now the internet is the tool you need to understand and use  to increase Fan Engagement or “Butts in the seats”

Local SEO – Why

Think about your listing on Saturday night when someone asks their cell phone for “Live Music Near ME?”. I want my gig at the top of that list. I want Local Music Fans to have the latest listing for my Band and the Venue to be found when they are making a decision on where to spend their time and money.

Local SEO How

Web Site as a Hub

Your website is your new Press Kits. Facebook may be a very important part of your band’s web presence but your website is where you should be making your internet presence felt. From a well-built website, you can add content to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Bussines ( yes your band is a business). The Internet also wants your information. The best way to help the internet know and understand you is content.  Blog Posts, Venue and Gig reviews, pictures, and videos. Do you have a Google My Business account, it’s your internet business card.

The Venues Site – Synergy!

Do a Google Search for Local Music. It will bring you to a Directory page with Local Listing with a map, Local Web Sites, News Stories, and reviews  When I do it Beverly Ma the first listing is 9 Wallis St ( by the way is a smoking little place in Beverly MA with some big names and great shows ). Does the Venue you are playing at have an events calendar? Are you listed? Do you mention the Venue in your event listing?

Social Media

Linking your website to your social media accounts lets the internet know more about your band. Facebook works well with an older demographic. With Facebook, you can create events that can be easily targeted to a geographic region.  Your website can spread your message to a wider audience. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Band Camp, Fandango are just a few of the services you can leverage for a wider appeal and a better chance of listing when fans ask the internet for “Live Music Near ME?”.

More Butts more gigs and isn’t that all we want?

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